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The staff at Pike Physical Therapy is excited to announce the opening of our new endless pool for fitness and aquatic therapy. Aquatic therapy has proven to be highly effective at treating chronic pain, improving functional mobility, and increasing range of motion. Before deciding that you would like to try aquatic therapy, it is important to understand what has made aquatic therapy work for thousands of patients across the country.


Water’s natural buoyancy aids in rehabilitative activity by reducing the amount of stress and impact incurred by aching muscles and joints. For example, a patient that is submerged waist deep in water has nearly 50% of their body weight supported by buoyancy. Nearly 90% of a patient’s body weight can be supported as submersion is increased. Rehabilitating on land exposes a patient to the full impact of their weight, increasing the likelihood of pain or re-injury. With the buoyancy of our new endless pool, our staff will be able to minimize the physical impact on our patients and maximize their benefits from therapy.

Hydrostatic Pressure

An additional benefit of aquatic therapy comes from the light hydrostatic pressure exerted by water. Patients that rehab in a pool as opposed to on land can reduce swelling faster, improve circulatory efficiency, and increase blood flow. All of these benefits aid in strengthening muscles and improving range of motion. The water’s natural pressure is not only soothing and comfortable, but it is beneficial too!


Exercising in a warm pool allows a patient to apply heat and strengthen muscles at the same time. The temperature of our endless pool is easily adjustable, and increasing temperature during rehabilitation can maximize comfort and increase blood flow. We will be able to maintain our pool’s temperate between 88 and 90 degrees.


Aquatic therapy provides tremendous opportunities to use water’s natural resistance to increase a patient’s strength and flexibility. Water provides significantly more resistance than air, allowing aquatic patients to strengthen more muscles with every exercise. Increasing and decreasing submersion, as well as utilizing tools such as buoys and floats will allow our staff to adjust and target the level of resistance that is just right for our patients.

Patients of all kinds have benefitted from the unique aspects of aquatic therapy. Whether you have joint pain, spinal conditions, arthritis, multi-trauma injuries, obesity, or any other physical concerns you would like to improve, we invite you to come view our pool and ask our staff about the ways you can improve your life with aquatic therapy. Come join us at Pike Physical Therapy and Fitness Center!

Regina Hubbard, Co-Owner of Pike Physical Therapy and Fitness Center, an outpatient physical therapy practice that has been gladly serving the Tri-State area for over 10 years.