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Aquatic Fitness


Fitness plus water equals a great, non-weight bearing fitness class for ALL fitness levels!  Not only do we offer group fitness classes, but many more community activities in our pool.

  • Water Aerobic Classes
  • Group Swim Lessons for Children
  • Private Swim Lessons for Children or Adults
  • Elite Swim Instruction
  • Post Therapy Strength Training
  • Underwater Treadmill Walking
  • Lap Swimming
  • Family Swim
  • Open Exercise
  • Kid’s Pool Parties
  • Coaches / Team Rentals
  • Individual Class: $12.00
  • 10 Class Pack: $100.00

* Class Schedule available at the pool desk.

* All Classes are 45 mins .
* Pre-pool rinse is required.
* 10 Packs expire in 3 months.
* Please arrive 15 minutes before class.


AQUABATA:  This class is NOT your Mama’s water aerobic class!  Aquabata is a high intensity interval training class for intermediate to advanced fitness levels.  Rounds of 4-minute Tabata will have you sweating in the water and leaving you with a kick-butt work-out without the next day soreness!

MAKING WAVES:  Get ready to splash your way to a great total body cardio & strength work-out in this beginner to intermediate water aerobic class.  Through the use of water weights, noodles, and fun music, your body will not stop moving and will thank you for it!

WATER ZEN:  This seasonal class focuses on balance, flexibility, and relaxation.  Lead by a licensed Nurse and long-time yoga and swim instructor, this class is safe and beneficial for all fitness levels and ailments.

LAND & SEA:  Weight training on the deck and cardio in the pool – what could be better?!  Strengthen and fatigue those muscles using light dumbbells and bands before getting into the pool and then loosen everything up in the warm water with a heart thumping cardio sweat!

Pre-School Swim: $55/child
  • 5 classes, 30 min. each
  • Potty-trained children only
  • Max of 6 kids
Learn to Swim Level 1/2: $70/child
  • K-6th grade
  • 5 classes, 45 min. each
  • Max of 6 kids
Learn to Swim Level 2/3: $75/child
  • K-6th grade
  • 5 classes, 45 minutes each
  • Use of jets
  • Max of 6 kids


Private Child or Adult Swim Lessons
  • Half-Hour: $45
  • 1 Hour: $80
  • 2 People 1/2 hour: $60
  • 2 People one hour: $100

* Class Schedule available at the pool desk.
* Ask to be on our emailing list.
* Sorry, no refunds or make-up classes.

$125 per hour

* Use of entire pool and
* Use of underwater video
camera & 
* Suggested 4 or less swimmers.


  • 1 Person: $100
  • 2 People: $125 ($62.50/person)

* Learn detailed stroke technique
to be stronger
   and faster in the water with a certified skilled instructor/trainer.
* Sessions are 1 hour.
* 10 yrs and older.
* Use of underwater video camera and mirror for stroke critique and


  • 1-Hour Session:  $60
  • 10 One-Hour Sessions: $540
  • 1 Half-Hour Session:  $40
  • 10 Half-Hour Sessions: $360
  • 2 people Hour Session: $80
  • 2 People 10-Pack: $720

*Personal training doesn’t have to stop in the gym.  Learn strength and/or cardio routines in the water with a certified personal trainer specializing in aqua training.

  • $6/hour per person

* Use of pool and equipment to do your own aquatic exercises.
* Pool is shared and jets are not allowed.
* Only available during designated times.

  •  $6/hour per person

* Free play and swim for parents and kids.
* Potty-trained children only.
* Child must be accompanied by an adult.
* Pool is shared and no jets are allowed.
* Only available during designated times.